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Your resource for BMW information: BMW cars, BMW history, BMW news

Welcome to the place dedicated to BMW cars, BMW history and pretty much everything that is related with the BMW phenomenon. BMW is one of the most admired carmaker in the world. The performance of the BMW cars, the BMW history, the brand itself stands out of the crowd. The rich heritage, the sporty DNA resulting from countless wins in motorsport from touring car championships to Formula 1, the numerous world record wins give BMW a place of its own. Although it is one of the few carmakers in the world that remained independent and with small numbers of production, compared with GM or Toyota, it is one of the most profitable. The demand for BMW’s continues to grow. Why? As a motto on the BMW AG website says: "true passions run deeper"! BMW represents the perfect blend between the driver and the machine, sportiveness and luxury, power and grace. You probably think that these are just some empty words only meant to sell the product. Once you get to know the BMW world you will see that "the ultimate driving machine" is more than real and the history, the innovation and the performance is there under every detail.

The mission of BMWDrives is to offer you complete, valuable and easy to access information about BMW in one single place. As you will see browsing through this website the BMW history chapter is very well structured for every year and every decade. The BMW cars section will have complete information about every model, version since the Dixi 3/15 from 1928 to the latest model launched.
BMWDrives’s primary focus is only on BMW cars and maybe in the future will also have a detailed section about BMW motorcycles.

BMWDrives is made from passion for one brand: BMW. I like to think that you will find here a place to relax and get in touch with the BMW phenomenon. Take it like an ongoing process if you like. Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated.

The road lies ahead!