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BMW M3 art car - Ken Done 1989

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Ken Done had definite ideas from the very first moment as how to decorate the BMW M3 the Australian BMW Motorsport department gave him.

On the one hand, it was to express something of the fascination, which this high-performance vehicle held for him. On the other, it had to be typically Australian and reflect the vitality of his home continent. Done therefore decided to go for exotic colors and paint parrots and parrot fish. Animals that in his eyes particularly share two characteristics with the BMW M3: beauty and speed. The result is as appealing as it is original: Done's Art Car symbolizes both immense dynamism and mysterious exoticism at the same time.

Source: BMW World

Ken Done - The Artist

Ken Done, AM (born 29 June 1940) is an Australian artist probably best known for his design work; his simple, brightly coloured images of Australian landmarks have adorned a very popular range of clothing and homewares sold under the "Done Design" brand.

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