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BMW Car Insurance

BMW Car Insurance

Although car insurance premiums have increased over recent years, especially for young driver car insurance, driving while uninsured is not only against the law, but it can have serious consequences which can ruin lives.

When faced with very high insurance premiums, possibly running into several thousands of pounds, an increasing number of young (mainly male) drivers decide to drive uninsured.

The argument has been that, should they be caught by the police, then they would only be fined and the cost of the fine would be substantially less than the insurance premium. Of course everybody thinks that they will not be involved in a road traffic accident, but almost everybody is at least once in their lives, and younger drivers are particularly at risk.

The consequences of having one when not insured run to far more than the cost of the vehicle. Should somebody be injured are worse, then there is a risk of being sued for compensation, and compensation claims can run into huge amounts of money; there is the risk that the uninsured driver could be penalised by paying the claim throughout the rest of his life.

Nowadays it is much more difficult to drive uninsured that it used to be. It is now illegal to own any car that is not insured even if it is not driven on the road. Any uninsured vehicle that does not have a statutory off road notification is illegal, and as well as the owner having to pay a substantial fine, the vehicle may be taken away and crushed.

The cost of car insurance is unavoidable for any sensible person. To find the best insurance deal it pays to shop around; some insurance companies do not mind insuring young drivers with a little experience at reasonable rates. Whatever you do, never drive uninsured; it is never worth the risk.