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BMW concept cars

A glimpse into the future of BMW

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BMW concept cars preview new styles or future technologies to prepare public opinion. BMW's relationship with concept cars has always been on-off - and generally more off than on. Ina company which prided itself on getting with the job of building high-quality road cars for curomers to buy, drive and enjoy, it was rarely a priority to waste valuable resources on styling exercises which gave no more than a few moments of corporate glory at a motor show before beeing wheeled into the company museum or, worse, the crusher.

The early exception was the 1972 BMW Turbo, built specially to make the most of world's attention being on Munich for the Olympic games. That car was not only inspiring and uplifting for BMW's own morale, but it proved profoundly influential in determining future BMW designs as well as those of other manufacturers. More recently, the concept cars have been coming thick and fast, not just to display engine solutions - like the BMW E1 electric of 1991 -but also to bring new ways of thinking, new vocabularies of design, into the public domain.

That, many would argue, is precisely what a concept car should do: stimulate debate, throw new ideas into the ring to test public and professional reaction, and put down a marker for where the company intends to be in the future.

Source: Tony Lewin - The complete book of BMW