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BMW M cars

BMW M cars in current production

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One of the most successful sport cars divisions worldwide is M Gmbh. With a tradition of over 30 years on the race tracks, the BMW M cars are the embodiments of motorsport available for the public roads. These cars represent a very important part out of the "normal" BMW cars, both in terms of selling and in terms of driving emotion and extraordinary performance and innovation. One of the great quality of all the BMW M cars is that for the untrained eye they don’t look different compared with the standard models but once you take a closer look at every aero dynamical detail and you see and hear the engine, you will instantly realize that all these BMW M cars are a breed apart.

Below, BMWDrives presents all the BMW M cars that are in current production. If you want to see all the others BMW M cars, just go to the BMW M history page.

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