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Tips for BMW owners

Top 5 BMW Performance Modifications

Guide to BMW Performance Modifications

Hitting the road in your BMW is more than an average driving experience. When you're behind the wheel of your precision crafted automobile, it's passion that ultimately drives you toward your intended destination. However, your BMW goes beyond sleek lines and luxury—it's made to perform beyond your expectations. You deserve more from the standard aspects of your car, and that's why these top 5 modifications cannot be overlooked.

Exhaust System Upgrades

Your stock exhaust system is great. You know it and so does everyone else. But to get the most out of your BMW exhaust, you've got other options. More often than not, when you delve into the possibilities that exist with a new system in place, you begin to realize that your stock exhaust isn't giving you the horsepower and torque you demand. A Borla exhaust or a Magnaflow exhaust can solve your outflow issues as both are guaranteed to give you greater efficiency and extra power.

Brakes-Euro Cross-Drilled or Brembos

Coming to an abrupt stop with performance braking on your side is a big reason why BMW cars are beloved by their owners. Your BMW brakes have succeeded for the most part, but they are at a slight disadvantage compared to several other custom braking systems. Brembo brakes & rotors are well known by pros and daily drivers alike because they have the muscle to your keep high-octane ride in complete control. And, cross-drilled brake rotors also maximize airflow across the disc's surface for reduced temperatures and greater stopping power.

Springs — Eibach or KW

It's time to hug those sharp corners and tight turns with more poise and prowess as your BMW suspension system requires a keener attention to detail than you may think. That's why Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs and KW coilover springs are accessories you cannot go without if you want better handling from your BMW. Both are custom-designed to fit your ride, so no real modifications are necessary. Forget about mangling your factory suspension with these add-ons. Instead, enhance what's already there for a better feel behind the wheel.

Cold Air Intakes — AFE & Injen

Get your engine pumping for better gains in horsepower, torque and even fuel economy by going with a BMW cold air intake system. AFE stage 1 & 2 air intakes, as well as other intake systems developed by Injen, breathe new life under your hood with cooler, cleaner air. Ultimately, that results in more power, and who wouldn't want that for their 3 Series, 5 Series or even 7 Series for that matter.

Power Chips — Jet, Edge & Bully Dog

In the digital age that we live in, cars in general are relying more on computer processing than ever before. BMW has also spared no expense in rolling off its factory lines vehicles loaded with technological savvy. So, when it comes to unleashing even more performance potential from your world class auto, BMW power chips are must have accessories. From the Jet V-force Plus power chip to the Bully Dog Watch Dog Fuel Economy Monitor, these accessories give your BMW some serious increase in performance with just a couple quick tweaks an tunes.

BMW Shop for Performance Parts & Accessories

Either way you slice it or dice it, you've got plenty of options to have your BMW perform at its best when you're zipping along the open road. And, when it comes to equipping your ride with these must have accessories, AutoAnything is your one-stop shop. We carry the ultimate selection of car products at the lowest prices—guaranteed. So, whether you're hunting down BMW floor mats, seat covers & car covers, exhaust systems or air filters, AutoAnything has them all stocked on our virtual shelves just waiting for you.