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BMW tuners

BMW tuners: Alpina, AC Schnitzer, Hamann, Hartge, G-Power, Dinan

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Even if we are talking here about BMW cars which are "the ultimate driving machines" with almost perfect weight distribution, advanced and powerful engines, superb handling and feel, some people still want more: more power, more torque, more grip, better handling, different colors and equipments, in one word: exclusivity! It's time for the BMW tuners.

BMWDrives has chosen the best six BMW tuners: Alpina, AC Schnitzer, Hamann, HARTGE, G-Power and Dinan. Some might argue with this selection but here at BMWDrives we consider that only some exterior modifications can not be considered the real deal in tuning so the companies that we are about to present here not come only with some aerodynamic kits but in most of the cases with serious knowledge and modifications for the engines, suspensions and even gearboxes. The most important thing here is the tradition and the experience gathered in motorsport like Alpina and AC Schnitzer. Taking the engines to extreme powers but keeping them reliable is also a big challenge and tuners like G-Power and Hartge proved that they are up to this challenge.

Our goal here at BMWDrives is ambitious as always: to offer you high quality information and pictures about all these BMW tuners.