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BMW 5 Series E60 LCI

Sedan version

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Following in the footsteps of the newest 7-Series sedans and the Z4 roadster, the BMW 5 Series E60 is more angular and flashier than its rather conservative predecessor, the E39. It's also slightly larger in every dimension, but its styling actually "camouflages" its size. Its broad-shouldered contours come largely from the 7, with the pointed-oval twin-kidney grille most influenced by the Z4. Bright trim above the headlamps and taillights is the most distinguishing feature. Sharply delineated lines separate its various parts. It is still discernibly a BMW, with twin kidneys at the front, a rather plain rear panel, and unadorned sides with fender flares just large enough to understate its performance potential. A strong shoulder line moves back from the top of the headlights and bisects the taillights. Unlike the 7-Series, the trunk of the 5-Series does not appear to be a separate mass, but is integrated into the overall design.

2007 BMW 5 Series E60 Sedan
Type 520d 523i 525i
Code M47TU2 D20 N52 B25 N52 B25
Displacement 1995cc 2497cc 2996cc
Cylinders 4 6 6
Fuel type Diesel Gasoline Gasoline
Power 120kW | 163HP 140kW | 190HP 160kW | 218HP
Torque@RPM 340Nm@2000rpm 235Nm@3500rpm 270Nm@2400rpm
Top Speed 223km/h | 139mph 237km/h | 148mph 248km/h | 154mph



Fuel Consumption (l/100km | mpg)
City 8.0 | 29.4 10.0 | 23.5 10.3 | 22.8
Highway 4.7 | 50 5.7 | 41.2 5.7 | 41.2
Combined 5.9 | 39.8 7.3 | 32.2 7.4 | 31.7

Type 525xi (AWD) 525d 530i
Code N52 B25 M57TU D25 N52 B30
Displacement 2996cc 2993cc 2996cc
Cylinders 6 6 6
Fuel type Gasoline Diesel Gasoline
Power 160kW | 218HP 145kW | 197HP 200kW | 272HP
Torque@RPM 270Nm@2400rpm 400Nm@1300rpm 320Nm@2750rpm
Top Speed 240km/h | 149mph 237km/h | 148mph 250km/h | 155mph



Fuel Consumption (l/100km | mpg)
City 11.3 | 20.8 8.2 | 28.6 10.9 | 21.5
Highway 6.2 | 37.9 5.0 | 47 5.8 | 40.5
Combined 8.1 | 29 6.2 | 37.9 7.7 | 30.5

Type 530xi (AWD) 530d 530xd (AWD)
Code N52 B30 M57TU2 D30 M57TU2 D30
Displacement 2996cc 2993cc 2993cc
Cylinders 6 6 6
Fuel type Gasoline Diesel Diesel
Power 200kW | 272HP 173kW | 235HP 173kW | 235HP
Torque@RPM 320Nm@2750rpm 500Nm@1750rpm 500Nm@1750rpm
Top Speed 250km/h | 155mph 250km/h | 155mph 242km/h | 150mph



Fuel Consumption (l/100km | mpg)
City 11.5 | 20.4 8.6 | 27.3 9.2 | 25.5
Highway 6.2 | 37.9 5.1 | 46.1 5.5 | 42.7
Combined 8.2 | 28.6 6.4 | 36.7 6.9 | 34

Type 535d 540i 550i
Code M57TU D30 N62 B40 N62 B48
Displacement 2993cc 4000cc 4799cc
Cylinders 6 8 8
Fuel type Diesel Gasoline Gasoline
Power 210kW | 286HP 225kW | 306HP 270kW | 367HP
Torque@RPM 580Nm@1750rpm 390Nm@3500rpm 490Nm@3400rpm
Top Speed 250km/h | 155mph 250km/h | 155mph 250km/h | 155mph



Fuel Consumption (l/100km | mpg)
City 9.2 | 25.5 15.8 | 14.8 16.6 | 14.1
Highway 5.4 | 43.5 7.4 | 31.7 7.6 | 30.9
Combined 6.8 | 34.5 10.5 | 22.4 10.9 | 21.5


Source for technical specifications:

This mid-size luxury sedan remains a true sports sedan. Regardless of engine size or equipment level, the BMW 5 Series delivers lively acceleration, precise handling and outstanding brakes. It's available with a conventional manual transmission, which is increasingly hard to find in this class.

For 2007, the 5 Series E60 has slightly changed its looks and offers some new options - BMW 5 Series E60 facelift details. At the exterior small changes were made at the front bumper and front lights. The fog lights are now trapezoidal and not round as the pre 2007 model. A spectacular appearance especially at night is made by the tail lights. They now use some LED stripes that makes the E60 to clearly stand out of the crowd. At the interior better materials are used and new color combinations are available. BMW's Night Vision safety system uses a thermal-imaging camera to highlight pedestrians and animals on dark roads, while HD Radio is designed to bring CD-quality digital audio to radio broadcasts.

For 2007, BMW introduced new engines across the board, including a new gasoline entry level engine, the 523i replacing the old 520i, a high-tech magnesium alloy six cylinder for the 525i and 530i and a larger, more powerful V8 for the 550i.

Safety features that come standard include front airbags with dual threshold deployment, front-passenger side airbags, and full-cabin curtain-style head-protection airbags. Also standard are seatbelt pretension and force limiters; seatbelts are the first line of defense in a crash so be sure to use them. Active safety features include antilock brakes with Dynamic Brake Control auto-proportioning, Dynamic Traction Control, Dynamic Stability Control. Also standard is the standard BMW Assist communications package with automatic collision notification, an SOS button, roadside assistance and locater service.

The xenon high-intensity discharge headlights offer a brighter, more intense, whiter light that appears blue when we're used to seeing halogen lights with a warmer, relatively yellow light. Adaptive means the lenses turn slightly with the steering, throwing light around a curve in the direction of travel.

The standard 5 Series seats are very good, with above-average support and just enough give to keep from feeling hard. The seats in the optional Sport Package have many adjustments and can be considered some of the best seats in the business.

There's also a volume knob next to the CD slot, a station selector on the right steering wheel spoke, and phone controls on the left spoke. Window switches are just above the armrest, and right where the hand naturally rests. In short order, these knobs will become the 5 Series driver's best friends.

HD Radio, new for 2007, delivers digital audio quality, with FM reception that is supposed to sound like a CD and AM that replicates traditional analog FM. Our test car had HD radio, and it's great, with a caveat. When it locks on a signal the clarity and fidelity is amazing, especially on the AM band. The problem is that, depending on where you're driving, the radio can fluctuate from HD to standard broadcast as signal strengths changes, the same way a conventional FM radio can switch from stereo to mono when the signal weakens. It can happen several times a mile, and become a bigger annoyance than it's worth.

For 2007, the Sport Package includes a new three-spoke steering wheel and multi-contour seats with 20 separate adjustments. An auxiliary audio jack has been added to all 2007 models located at the rear of the center console, which allows MP3 players such as the Apple iPod and other audio devices to be played through the car stereo.

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