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BMW 6 Series E64

Convertible version

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BMW 6 Series E63 Coupé

Style and sport are inherent characteristics of the BMW 6 Series E64 Convertible, as a dynamic Luxury Convertible enabling the driver and passengers to enjoy the wind rushing by in an incomparable manner. It combines its strengths with the convincing everyday driving qualities of a large and spacious 2+2-seater.

The history of dynamic driving pleasure with nothing but the sky above was originally introduced in the BMW 327 Convertible, the BMW 335 Convertible, and the BMW 503 Convertible, all of them milestones in technology and design, with a strong and lasting impact on the ongoing development of the brand and its products. And in the same way, the BMW 6 Series Convertible, through its design, is a proud symbol of sporting and elegant driving pleasure with nothing but the sky above.

2007 BMW 6 Series E64 Convertible
Type 630i 635d 650i
Code N52 B30 - N62 B48
Displacement 2996cc 2993cc 4799cc
Cylinders 6 6 8
Fuel type Gasoline Diesel Gasoline
Power 200kW | 272HP 210kW | 286HP 270kW | 367HP
Torque@RPM 320Nm@2750rpm 580Nm@1750rpm 490Nm@3400rpm
Top Speed 250km/h | 155mph 250km/h | 155mph 250km/h | 155mph



Fuel Consumption (l/100km | mpg)
City 11.8 | 19.9 9.6 | 24.5 19.2 | 12.2
Highway 6.3 | 37.3 5.8 | 40.5 8.8 | 26.7
Combined 8.3 | 28.3 7.2 | 32.6 12.6 | 18.6


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Leather upholstery with SunReflective Technology on the Convertible

One of the particular highlights offered by the BMW 6 Series Convertible is the use of a newly developed type of leather for the seat upholstery and interior panels. In this case, so-called “cool pigments” are integrated into the material in a process referred to as SunReflective Technology, reflecting infra-red radiation in the sunlight. This very effectively reduces undue overheating of the seat surfaces when the car is open, providing a difference in temperatures compared with conventional leather of up to 36 °F in the case of dark colors.

Having the same engines, same beautiful shapes, safety and comfort features as the 6 Series E63 Coupé, the new BMW 6 Series E64 Convertible belongs to the small group of cars fulfilling the greatest demands in every aspect and setting new benchmarks everywhere. Given the sheer magnitude of its qualities, the 6 Series E64 Convertible stands out clearly in its segment, reflecting the ideals of the discerning motorist dedicated to the the unique driving pleasure only a Luxury Convertible is able to offer.

BMW 6 Series E63 Coupé

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