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BMW 7 Series E66

Luxury sedan Long Wheel Base (LWB)

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Having a wheelbase longer with 140mm than the E65 7 Series, the E66 offers supreme luxury, comfort and lots of space for the rear passengers. Most of these versions are ordered with the "Individual" trim.

BMW Individual

BMW Individual was established in 1991 as a division of BMW M GmbH with the goal of leading the trend towards more individuality by concentrating on customers who were looking for made-to-measure solutions and making tougher demands on their BMW in terms of distinction, design and function. The automobile becomes a subtle statement of personality which deliberately focuses on what's special and which turns aside from standardization. The success story started with a design from Karl Lagerfeld, which was followed by another two designs over the next few years. These unusual prototypes were pioneering for what followed. Most recently, BMW Individual completed a very unique car for the Swiss watch manufacturer "Girard-Perregeaux".

2005 BMW 7 Series E66 Sedan LWB
Type 730Li 730Ld 740Li
Code N52 B30 M57TU2 D30 N62 B40
Displacement 2996cc 2993cc 4000cc
Cylinders 6 6 8
Fuel type Gasoline Diesel Gasoline
Power 190kW | 258HP 170kW | 231HP 225kW | 306HP
Torque@RPM 300Nm@2500rpm 520Nm@2000rpm 390Nm@3500rpm
Top Speed 244km/h | 155mph 238km/h | 155mph 250km/h | 155mph



Fuel Consumption (l/100km | mpg)
City 14.6 | 19.9 11.3 | 24.5 16.3 | 12.2
Highway 7.5 | 37.3 6.4 | 40.5 8.2 | 26.7
Combined 10.1 | 28.3 8.2 | 32.6 11.2 | 18.6

Type 750Li 760Li
Code N62 B48 N73 B60
Displacement 4799cc 5972cc
Cylinders 8 12
Fuel type Gasoline Gasoline
Power 270kW | 367HP 327kW | 445HP
Torque@RPM 490Nm@3400rpm 600Nm@3950rpm
Top Speed 250km/h | 155mph 250km/h | 155mph


Fuel Consumption (l/100km | mpg)
City 16.9 | 24.5 20.7 | 12.2
Highway 8.3 | 40.5 9.5 | 26.7
Combined 11.4 | 32.6 13.6 | 18.6


Source for technical specifications:

The available BMW Individual exterior paints are developed using special Xirallic paints and a 5-coat process that picks up fine pigments in the coating to create constantly changing nuances in the finish, giving greater color intensity and dramatic two-tonal effects.

The interior of a BMW 7 Series E66 Individual is fitted with the highest quality Merino full-leather upholstery, Alcantara headliner and unique interior trim - including Piano varnish wood trim. Illuminated BMW Individual doorsills, distinctive 20" BMW Individual wheels and the convenient storage net in the front passenger foot well provide the additional premium touches to complement the BMW Individual 7 Series.

The BMW Individual 7 Series E66 will be the perfect answer for those special customers who seek the utmost in luxury and look to own a more personalized 7 Series. The finest quality materials used and the exacting workmanship that goes into even the finest details will set the BMW Individual 7 Series E66 apart from other makes.

The paintwork

In line with the understatement embodied in the BMW design language that governs all model series, the experts at BMW Individual always try to harmonize each customer's wishes with the BMW philosophy. The individual paintwork is more than a color: It captivates its customers through its unique brilliance and sophisticated iridescent effects. Thanks to a fine pigmentation, changing nuances appear, depending on how the light falls, which give the surface a new dimension and depth. The intrinsic excitement of the color black is demonstrated in two variations: including Azurite Black metallic and Ruby Black metallic. When it comes to avant-garde exterior colors: the elegant, light shades of Moonstone metallic preferred particularly by buyers in sunny regions: Under blue skies, this paint finish shines with a special glamour.

The leather

The Merino leather used by BMW Individual is characterized by its uniquely refined appeal, extreme durability and comfort. Gentle tanning methods and "barrel pigmentation", in which the dye penetrates through intensive rotation and is not just applied to the surface; give this material its richness of color, strength and durability. The living structure of this leather comes from its natural graining rather than artificial embossing. The finish applied in the semi-aniline process stops fading caused by light, and yet the leather stays breathable. The combination of all these sophisticated yet gentle processes produces seats that are as soft and as smooth as velvet. BMW Individual will offer customers three color choices of Merino leather: Platinum, Rust Brown and Amarone.

Interior trimmings

It's the many details that make the difference with BMW Individual. The interior trimmings made from piano varnish are the most sophisticated finish. The black, high-gloss polished surface is only achieved by famous piano makers using a time-consuming polishing and finishing process. This is what gives this varnish its unique brilliance. Elegant highlights are added through details such as the center console and ceiling grips. No less sophisticated alternatives are interior trimmings from high-quality woods such as, mahogany or Amarone - both with a high gloss finish.

BMW’s flagship: the 7 Series 760Li

Behind the wheel

The 760Li will baffle drivers who have never experienced its complex iDrive electronics, but five minutes of instruction should at least get you rolling. Door and ignition locking/unlocking can be keyless, controlled by a fob that merely needs to be in your pocket, purse or briefcase. The engine starts and stops with the press of a button, and the electronic parking brake also only requires a button push — there’s no conventional handle or lever. The 760 can be made to automatically set its parking brake every time it comes to a complete stop, whether briefly at a stoplight or at the conclusion of a drive.

The shifter is a small, awkward stalk on the steering column that has only three positions — neutral, drive and reverse — though all six of the automatic transmission's speeds can also be manually upshifted or downshifted by pressing buttons on the steering wheel.

Whenever you do put the car into reverse, the electronic iDrive system displays a colorful park-assist screen, with areas behind and ahead of the car progressively turning green, yellow and red as you approach obstructions. This is particularly useful for a large car that will, frankly, be driven by people whose necks don't swivel 180 degrees as easily as they did when we were younger.

All four of the 760Li's spacious seats power adjust through a seemingly infinite number of angles and configurations and can be heated and ventilated, as well.

The infamous iDrive computer-cursor knob on the 760's center console provides menu-managed access to a huge number of the car's capabilities. With the '06 model, BMW has at least provided redundant, dedicated knobs and switches for the climate-control system and the radio/single-disc, in-dash CD player, and has simplified the screen display with four color-coded main menus. These tweaks come as a response to flak from customers and the media about how baffling the original iDrive system was and prove that some of us still live in the analog age.

Despite its bulk, "stately" and "sedate" are not words we'd use to describe the 760Li. This is a car that can quickly take intrepid drivers to cornering limits they wouldn't dare explore further unless on a racetrack. With a surfeit of power and torque from its 6.0-liter V12, it can be driven very aggressively — if that's your choice. And the harder you push, the more firmly its suspension settles in. While it might not boast the sport tuning of an M car, its standard V-12 engine can propel the sedan's 4,905 pounds from a standing start to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds. Very impressive figures for a car this size.

If you want a near-perfect convergence of luxury, power, performance, comfort and if you afford it, then you should buy the 760Li.

2008 BMW 7 Series F01 | 2008 BMW 7 Series F02 LWB | 2002 BMW 7 Series E65

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