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BMW Z4 E85

Roadster version

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2009 BMW Z4 E89 | 2006 BMW Z4 E86 Coupé

More than any other sports car in the world, this unique car embodies the typical roadster: The BMW Z4 E85 Roadster thrills the car world through its fascinating sporting dynamism created by a perfect synthesis of a high-performance power unit, the outstanding chassis and suspension, and in­novative features all round. And not least it is the wonderful design of the BMW Z4 E85 Roadster which makes this car so unique, desirable and a genuine must-have. Four years after its world debut, the BMW Z4 Roadster is making a new, brilliant appearance with new engines.

2006 BMW Z4 E85 Roadster Technical Specifications
Type 2.0i 2.5i
Code N46 B20 N52 B25
Displacement 1995cc 2497cc
Cylinders 4 6
Fuel type Gasoline Gasoline
Power 110kW | 150HP 130kW | 177 HP
Torque@RPM 200Nm@3600rpm 230Nm@3500rpm
Top Speed 220km/h | 137mph 229km/h | 142mph


Fuel Consumption (l/100km | mpg)
City 10.8 | 21.7 11.8 | 19.9
Highway 5.6 | 42 6.1 | 38.5
Combined 7.5 | 31.3 8.2 | 28.6

Type 2.5si 3.0si
Code N52 B25 N52 B30
Displacement 2497cc 2996cc
Cylinders 6 6
Fuel type Gasoline Gasoline
Power 160kW | 218HP 195kW | 265HP
Torque@RPM 250Nm@2750rpm 315Nm@2750rpm
Top Speed 240km/h | 149mph 250km/h | 155mph


Fuel Consumption (l/100km | mpg)
City 12 | 19.6 12.6 | 18.6
Highway 6.3 | 37.3 6.3 | 37.3
Combined 8.4 | 28 8.6 | 27.3


Source for technical specifications:

Six Gears on All Models

All new BMW Z4 Roadsters come with a six-speed manual gearbox. The typical strengths of this transmission are the short and crisp gearshift travel, superior running smoothness and precise guidance of the gearshift lever in the middle, with shift forces remaining smooth and consistent at all times. With the six gears coming close together with only small increments in between, and with the large gap between the lowest and highest gear, the driver is always able to choose the ideal gear ratio quickly and smoothly even when driving fast and dynamically.

Another BMW First: the New Sport Automatic

Automatic transmission in the Z4 Roadster 3.0si and 2.5si comes as a high­light with shift paddles on the steering wheel. In conjunction with the new set-up of the transmission, this outstanding gearshift gives even the afici­onade of automatic transmission a dynamic experience of sporting perform­ance in the Z4 Roadster without having to forego the superior comfort of an automatic gearshift.

Supreme Body Stiffness for Four Stars in the EuroNCAP Crash Test

Designed and built from the start as an open-air model, the body of the BMW Z4 Roadster is also simply ideal in terms of weight and stiffness: Of­fering 14, 500 Nm/degree of static torsional stiffness, this is the stiffest body­shell in the segment.

Apart from thrilling performance and agility in bends, this also means that the BMW Z4 Roadster achieves excellent results in the demanding EuroNCAP crash test: Achieving four out of five possible stars, the car's result is truly remarkable for an open-air two-seater. Indeed, in the 2004 EuroNCAP test, the Z4 Roadster scored 15.64 points for head-on collisions and 16 points for side-on collisions out of a possible maximum result of 16 points in each case, the best figures ever measured on the dummies in a roadster, receiving the EuroNCAP Best-in-Class Award. This means that in practice the Z4 Roadster protects its occupants better than all the cars in this segment tested so far.  In fact the forces and strain acting on the car's occupants are lower than in most cars with a fixed roof.

Chassis and Suspension: a Star in Bends

The BMW Z4 E85 Roadster offers its driver exactly the right chassis and sus­pen­sion virtually tailor-made for sports motoring, guaranteeing sheer driving pleasure all the way to the absolute limit. And should the driver ever be so enthusiastic that his sheer driving pleasure reaches the limits to physical stability, sophisticated control systems still guarantee active safety of the highest standard.

The chassis and suspension are designed in terms of their spring and damper action, as well as kinematics and elastokinematics, for superior dynamism, agility and handling. This makes the BMW Z4 Roadster in all its variants most probably the most agile and dynamic roadster in the world. For even more sporting behaviour, the genuine enthusiast moreover has the choice of a sports suspension lowering the entire car by 15 millimetres or 0.59´´. The runflat tyres featured as standard are specially matched to the sporting character of the BMW Z4 Roadster and now offer somewhat more comfortable suspension qualities without affecting the agility of the car.

New DSC Setting the Standard in Suspension Control

Reflecting BMW's consistent philosophy, the chassis and suspension control systems on the Z4 Roadster and the Z4 M Roadster do not serve to up­grade the suspension as such - simply because the suspension already of­fers a very high standard - but rather to help the driver master critical situ­ations when driving to the limit. And indeed, the safety reserves offered by BMW's roadsters are already very substantial to begin with. But this does not stop BMW from offering new, supplementary functions such as Hill Start Assistance, Dry Braking, etc.

Using the integrated Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) function on the BMW Z4 Roadster, the driver is able at the touch of a button to improve traction and, accordingly, the drive power actually conveyed to the road on slippery surfaces such as snow. He is also able to adjust the driving behaviour of the BMW Z4 to higher dynamic requirements, thus capitalising on the sporting qualities of the car. One example is that DTC allows greater slip on the rear wheels whenever appropriate.

Electric Power Steering Optimising the Steering System

The Z4 Roadster features BMW's electromechanical EPS Electric Power Steering highlighting the dynamic and agile set-up of the BMW Roadster. This unique system offers a very high standard of flexibility in its steer­ing characteristics, an optimum compromise of the steering damping effect and feedback from the steering, as well as low control forces at low speeds and when manoeuvring. A further important point is the very good centering effect, with the steering wheel returning smoothly and reliably to its zero position. Servotronic, finally, comes as standard.

Lightweight Brakes with Outstanding Performance.

A new feature is the 17-inch brake system on the Z4 Roadster 3.0i. The particular fortes in this case are extreme stopping power, very good resistance to fading, and optimum long-term brake qualities.

New Highlights in Design.

The updated BMW Z4 E85 Roadster continues the characteristic design language of BMW's thoroughbred roadster concept: The BMW Z4 Roadster boasts moderate updates including a modified front section drawn down closer to the road. Other new features are the foglamps and the reflectors so typical of the car.

Benefiting from new tail lights with integrated light conductors as well as more horizontal lines, the modifications at the rear give the car an even wider, lower, and more muscular appearance. Featuring even more sophis­ticated, top-quality materials and additional colours, the interior is truly ex­qui­site in its looks without in any way foregoing its sporting, purist character.

Sufficient Space for Two

The BMW Z4 Roadster offers a lot of space for a car of this kind: The glove compartment, several storage boxes, as well as a large, approximately ten-litre box in the rear bulkhead ensure a high degree of practical value. And whenever required, the variable roof com­­partment folds up to provide additional space in the luggage compart­ment at the rear increasing from an already generous 240 litres or 8.4 cu ft sufficient for transporting two golf sets to 260.

A Special Roof with Special Folding Configuration

All of BMW's new Z4 Roadsters come with an extremely compact folding roof where the front, rigid section moves down on top of the fabric roof like a cover and locks in position flush with the body of the car. The roof is easy to open and close with one hand; the heated rear window is made of scratch-proof mineral glass.

A fully automatic, electrically operated roof is naturally available as an option also opening and closing from outside by remote control.

Bi-Xenon Headlights for Optimum Visibility

The BMW Z4 Roadster comes as standard with dual halogen headlights. As an option - and as a standard feature on the Z4 Roadster 3.0si and the Z4 M Roadster - static bi-xenon headlights ensure maximum high- and low-beam intensity.

The car's position lights are formed by two light conductor rings, this feature so characteristic of the BMW brand now also highlighting the Roadster series.

Extra Safety Thanks to the Adaptive Brake Display

All Z4 Roadsters come as standard with BMW's two-stage Adaptive Brake Display helping efficiently to avoid collisions from behind: Whenever the driver applies the brakes hard or with ABS intervening, the illuminated areas in the rear lights grow larger and are intuitively perceived by motorists following from behind as a clear sign of an emergency braking manoeuvre. Accordingly, drivers following the BMW will respond appropriately by ap­plying the brakes harder in good time and thus benefiting from extra stop­ping distance.

Options Galore: Top-Class Audio and Navigation Systems

Apart from the "basic" audio system, the Z4 Roadster is available with two truly outstanding HiFi systems developed especially for this car. Two navi­gation systems also enable the roadster driver to benefit from BMW's lead­ing position in navigation technology. And the final point is that ll of these systems may be combined with virtually all telecommunication features cur­rently available.

Source: BMW Group

2009 BMW Z4 E89 | 2006 BMW Z4 E86 Coupé

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