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BMW cars archive - the 1920's

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By the mid 1920’s BMW was already a respected and profitable motorbikes and airplane engines manufacturer. The motorcycle product line included nine bikes and won more than 100 races in 1925. By 1928 the victories grew to 573 first-place finishes. This is when BMW's brand recognition for engineering excellence took off and took hold across the Europe. By 1928's, BMW's fortunes looked bright, with revenues at 27 million Reischmarks ($6.4 million), up 77% in just three years. Why take risks building cars?

During the 1928 BMW turned its attention on producing cars. It all started with the acquisition of Dixi Werks on October 1st 1928. In terms of easing the deal through and also winning the approval of BMW's board, it helped a lot the fact that Dixi's major stockholder, Jakob Shapiro, also sat in BMW's board. The Dixi Werks emerged in 1904 from the Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach AG and had made little headway in the automobile sector up to 1927. That was to change in 1927 with the acquisition of the licence for a small English car, the Austin Seven. This had been updated since 1922 and had become one of the most successful cars in its class.

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