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BMW tuners - AC Schnitzer

AC Schnitzer ACS5 F10 / F11

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The "most beautiful form of dynamics beyond the standard“ in saloon form was already launched earlier with the AC Schnitzer ACS5 F10. Now the tuning specialist AC Schnitzer has applied the "Power Treatment" to the new dynamic BMW in the Touring variant, with numerous special accessories. BMW has given the new BMW 5 Series F10 and BMW 5 Series F11 more load volume and flexibility. AC Schnitzer have been even more generous - they have taken a step further in terms of driving dynamics and driving pleasure.

Performance Upgrades

Engine tuning and performance upgrades have a long tradition at AC Schnitzer. To be on the safe side however, we prefer not to extract the maximum possible power but instead ensure greater robustness, which means a longer life of the engine. Many of our diesel performance upgrades are therefore designed for an increase in torque rather than an increase in horsepower. Because torque is what you feel when for example you're "pressed back in the seat" on pulling away.

The core of the upgraded Bavarian models is the AC Schnitzer performance upgrades. After conversion, the BMW 530d develops an impressive 286 HP and thus leaves nothing to be desired in terms of power. The uprated 535d now accelerates with an impressive 360 HP, while the 520d and 525d develop a powerful 218 HP and 245 HP respectively. The AC Schnitzer engine styling with capacity logo shows just what is concealed below the bonnet.


For engines and performance upgrades, AC Schnitzer offers a warranty of two years from the date of first registration, up to a kilometre reading of 100,000 km (for M-vehicles, two years up to a kilometre reading of 60,000 km) on all components excluded from the BMW warranty.


And what is the perfect complement to the sporting looks of a BMW? A powerful sound. The AC Schnitzer twin sports rear silencer with chromed "Sports Trim“ tailpipe trims (left/right) will soon be available for the 550i, 535i, 535d, 530d and 520d. Already the chromed "Racing“ tailpipe trim is available for the 520d, 525d and 530d. So the BMW reveals its dynamics right through to the rear.


There's no escaping it - even the most dynamic drive must be slowed down at some point. In this case, the AC Schnitzer 8-piston high performance brake system mercilessly grips the front axle. The 8-pot fixed calliper (left/right) and the perforated, internally vented brake discs provide greatly improved deceleration and even safer stopping for the vehicle.

The Suspension Technology

The hand of the BMW specialist has also been laid on the suspension. A new suspension spring kit is available which not only lowers the vehicle by 25 millimetres but also gives an improved balance between sports performance and driving comfort.

The Bodywork

The "Power Treatment" in the "AC Schnitzer workshop" is evident on the vehicle from a few meters away. This is thanks to the new aerodynamic components for Touring and saloon with M-Technik upgrade.

The front spoiler elements and chromed front grille harmoniously integrate into the fundamental design, and highlight the emphatically sporting style of the vehicle. AC Schnitzer side skirt elements (for vehicles without M-Technik upgrade) are also available as an option with chrome design elements which give the 5-series an even more stunning appearance. The bonnet vents provide the necessary air supply below the bonnet. For the rear of the Touring and saloon, AC Schnitzer has of course developed various elements.

Both saloon and Touring can be fitted with a dynamics-enhancing rear roof spoiler. The special rear spoiler for the saloon is trimmed for minimum drag.

A further aesthetic enhancement to the rear is achieved with the rear skirt insert for drivers of the 5-series Touring (with M-Technik upgrade). The equivalent on the saloon (without M-Technik upgrade) is the matching rear skirt attachment. The new rear skirt protective foil with AC Schnitzer Logo protects - as it says on the tin - both versions against scratches.

The Wheels

In conjunction with the suspension, AC Schnitzer wheels with the corresponding tyres provide optimum springing comfort and the unmistakeable athletic appearance. The wheels are available in sizes from 18 to 21 inch in various designs: Type IV silver, Type IV BiColor, Type V forged alloy wheels in BiColor and Type VIII BiColor.

Discover the AC Schnitzer wheel range for your dream car, too. Actually you can find our complete wheel variety for many current BMW models. Enjoy assembling your AC Schnitzer dream wheel here

The Interior

Finally, the Aachen tuning specialist has also upgraded the interior of the 5-series Touring. Carbon interior trim in black "Exclusive“ is available. The driver can "lay hands" on the AC Schnitzer sports airbag steering wheel and as an option, also the carbon steering wheel spokes in black "Exclusive“.

The iDrive System Controller is available with aluminium cover, and pedals and footrests also come in aluminium. Foot mats and a boot mat of velours complete the interior range.

Source: AC Schnitzer Press Release

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