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BMW tuners - Dinan

Dinan M5 E60

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Inspired by 29 years of BMW performance tuning and racing experience, the Dinan Signature Series features carefully engineered, balanced high performance solutions for the M5 driver, backed by the only guarantee that matches the new car warranty coverage for up to 4 years/50,000 miles. The enhanced performance can be enjoyed without compromising warranty coverage or the reliability expected of a BMW M5. Each Dinan Signature Series M5 is adorned with the handsome Dinan deck lid badge, as well as a serial numbered plaque, verifying authenticity and making the cars that much more exclusive. As a final touch, Dinan aluminum pedal pads are included, adding a tasteful performance look to the sumptuous interior.

S Package

The Dinan S-M5 has been configured for those seeking superior handling capabilities along with a boost in power and the sporty note of a high performance exhaust system.

Featuring the Stage 2 Suspension System, the car’s cornering capabilities are nothing short of remarkable, while at the same time providing ride quality that is actually superior to the stock configuration. The system consists of Dinan performance springs along with a larger rear antiroll bar and Dinan’s unique Roll Control System up front, all designed to work in perfect harmony with the stock EDC shocks. The combination of lower springs and more aggressive control over body roll makes the car handle as if it were on rails. The handsome carbon fiber strut tower brace improves chassis rigidity, enhancing steering response.

The Dinan exhaust is manufactured from 100% stainless steel, reducing weight and avoiding the effects of corrosion for years to come. In addition to improving exhaust flow for a modest increase in power, the exhaust note is pleasingly aggressive under hard acceleration, yet civilized enough for every day driving. The large polished stainless tips not only look great from the rear of the car but have been designed to actually cool themselves, avoiding any possibility of discoloration of the surrounding valance.

S1 Package

The S1-M5 package features skillfully engineered engine performance enhancements designed to improve air intake system efficiency, increasing power output and making throttle response more immediate. Dinan Stage 3 engine software takes full advantage of the additional air-flow for maximum power gains while maintaining BMW-like drivability. The software also safely raises the rev-limiter as well as removing the factory top-speed governor, enabling the cars to achieve their full top speed potential.

The Stage 2 Suspension System is included in the S1 package as well, providing superior overall grip for faster cornering capabilities, reduced under steer and razor sharp turn-in. The beautiful and amazingly light front strut tower brace further enhances steering response by reducing flex under harder cornering conditions.

S2 Package

The S2 package provides the driving enthusiast with even more impressive acceleration, increasing power output with the addition of the High Flow Throttle Bodies and Under Drive Pulley, as well as improving driveline efficiency with a differential featuring a lower final drive ratio. The stock 3.62 ratio is lowered to a 3.91, taking full advantage of torque multiplication for a substantial 8% increase in torque delivered to the wheels. Acceleration is faster and more immediate in every gear, as well as delivering more torque at lower rpm. The S2 program offers drivers powerful acceleration, remarkable handling capabilities and that sweet sound of a performance tuned BMW V-10, all without sacrificing everyday drivability or warranty coverage.

S3 Package

For those seeking the ultimate high performance driving experience, Dinan has once again redefined M5 performance with a 5.7 liter version of the V-10 engine producing over 600 horsepower along with a minimum of 400 lb-ft torque from just 3000 rpm to the rev-limit at 8100 rpm. Just imagine the pavement blistering acceleration that results from an additional 111 horsepower and 99 lb-ft torque. Much of the technology that has made Dinan’s Grand-Am Daytona Prototype engines both competitive and reliable has carried over to the 5.7 Liter V-10 engine program for the street, ensuring that the engines produce incredible power along with race-proven durability. Equally impressive is that all of this performance comes without sacrificing BMW-like drivability or the peace of mind that comes from matching new car warranty coverage.

The S3 package literally transforms the performance of the M5 with not only huge power gains but the cornering capabilities and stopping power that complete the equation. The impressive grip provided by the Stage 2 Suspension and Mono Ball Lower Control Arm Bearings along with the massive Dinan by Brembo brake conversion ensure that the S3-M5’s formidable power is matched by equally capable handling and stopping power. The optional Dinan 19” forged wheel and tire package is highly recommended, providing superior grip and a more neutral balance, reducing understeer for turn-in that is razor sharp.

For the most powerful, best handling mid-size sedan on the road, backed by the most comprehensive warranty available anywhere, the S3-M5 is the definitive high performance sedan for the serious driving enthusiast.

Test Results for S3 (E63) M6 with 5.7L Engine:

  • (as tested by Road & Track, 12/08)
  • 0-60 MPH: 3.8 seconds
  • ¼ mile: 11.9 seconds at 124.8 mph
  • Skidpad: 0.94g
  • Braking: 80-0 mph in 194 ft.

Recommended Option for all Signature Packages: 19x9” and 19x10” Dinan Lightweight Forged Wheels with 275/30-19 and 295/30-19 Tires.

Source: BMW Dinan

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