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BMW M3 E93

Convertible version

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The BMW M3 model family is being upgraded by yet another fascinating player: The new BMW M3 E93 Convertible, the third body version of BMW’s high-performance sports car following the Coupé and Saloon, offers new possibilities to experience uncompromising driving dynamics.

2008 BMW M3 Convertible E93
S65 B40
Fuel type
309kW | 420HP
Top Speed
250km/h | 155mph
Fuel Consumption (l/100km | mpg)
18.7 | 12.5
9.6 | 24.5
12.9 | 18.2


Source for technical specifications:

Beneath the engine compartment lid lurks the V8 power unit displacing 4.0 litres and with all the features of a high-speed engine developed brand-new from the ground up for the BMW M3 E93 Convertible. Above the heads of the driver and passengers is either the three-piece hardtop opening and disappearing completely into the rear roof compartment at the touch of a button in just 22 seconds or of course the blue sky and the thrill of open air.

The new BMW M3 Convertible is a top-flight athlete able to offer truly outstanding performance not only as a sports car, but also with many other qualities, top performance, and highlights in motoring elegance, making every moment in the car an experience in driving pleasure and keeping the driver and passengers top fit at all times.

Outstanding performance and thrilling dynamics of this kind create the first impression conveyed by the BMW M3 Convertible right from the start: This very special two-door performer not only comes with the same drive technology as the BMW M3 Coupé and the BMW M3 Saloon, but is also a brand-new

Tradition and innovation: the fourth BMW M3 Convertible, the first model with a retractable hardtop.

BMW M GmbH has a long tradition in combining the thrill of a high-performance sports car with the unique pleasure of motoring in the open air, after the first BMW M3 Convertible was presented no less than 20 years ago.

And since the two following generations of the BMW M3 Coupé were also joined by a BMW M3 Convertible, this concept has a long and consistent story to look back on, although the fourth edition differs from its predecessors on one essential point: For the first time a retractable hardtop protects the driver and passengers in the BMW M3 Convertible from wind and weather.

Within the passenger compartment the three-piece roof ensures unrestricted all-year driving pleasure and excellent noise control. It offers truly impressive robustness and sturdiness in design and construction, highlights the sheer value of the car and, through the large windows, ensures optimum all-round visibility featuring a genuine coupé ambience within the interior.

Also featured on the M3 Convertible: know-how from motorsport as the foundation, unique design as the principle.

Within the wide range of models from BMW M GmbH, the BMW M3 has always been the strongest and most powerful reflection of motorsport. Indeed, this already applied to the first edition of the BMW M3 launched in 1986 and joined two years later by the first BMW M3 Convertible. The same philosophy then continued with the two subsequent model generations and is now also expressed clearly on the new BMW M3. A direct comparison with the most thoroughbred sports cars in the classic sense of the word also places the BMW M3 firmly in pole position.

Compared with its predecessor, the new BMW M3 Convertible offers significant progress in terms of driving dynamics, which can indeed be clearly measured through the car’s performance on the road. Convincing proof of this superiority is the power-to-weight ratio optimised once again over the previous model to just 4.3 kg per horsepower, an exceptionally good figure even for a high-performance convertible of this calibre.

This all-round optimisation of the car comes out clearly also in the driving experience, with the new V8 power unit offering its significantly greater muscle, thrust, torque, fast-revving driving qualities and spontaneity also on the new BMW M3 Convertible: The new BMW M3 Convertible not only accelerates a lot faster than its predecessor, but also leaves the handful of similarly powerful open-air models in its segment far behind on the road through its outstanding agility in quick changes of direction, in tight bends or on handling tracks making particular demands of the car. Indeed, it is precisely these handling qualities that reflect the exceptional harmony of the concept so typical of every BMW M Car and also to be enjoyed on the new BMW M3 Convertible.

While the open-air BMW M3 is naturally based on the latest, fourth generation of the "regular" BMW 3 Series Convertible, the new model differs from the standard version fundamentally in terms of both looks and technical features. To begin with, the technical foundation for the new BMW M3 Convertible is provided by the BMW M3 Coupé, unique design as well as drivetrain and suspension technology created for supreme performance coming right at the top in the brief given to the engineers at BMW M.

Apart from the load-bearing body structure, only the doors, the retractable hardtop, the luggage compartment lid, the windows and the rear lights come from the "standard" open-air version of the BMW 3 Series. The range of brand-new body components, therefore, is virtually the same as in the BMW M3 Coupé.

The interior: four seats, if you wish with the roof down.

Creating the interior, the designers and other specialists at BMW M have successfully reached their objective to offer the occupants maximum driving pleasure in an ambience perfectly tailored to their requirements. This applies particularly to the driver’s seat, with all elements required for active motoring being modified accordingly and, through their enhanced functions, reflecting the exceptional power and performance of the BMW M3 Convertible.

As soon as the retractable hardtop folds up into the rear compartment, the driver and front passenger enjoy a truly incomparable open-air atmosphere further promoted by the low-slung shoulder line, the seating position moved far to the back, and the short windscreen. The result of this concept, obviously, is an optimum experience of open-air motoring.

The frame round the windscreen keeps a generous distance from the heads of the front passengers, allowing the sun and, to a pleasant degree, the wind to flow smoothly into and around the interior.

A further highlight is that the occupants now enjoy an even more direct, undiluted experience of the V8 power unit with its unmistakable acoustics.

Despite the low and sporting seat position, the waistline of the car is also surprisingly low. And since this attractive body line flows almost parallel to the road all the way to the rear, the passengers on the two rear seats designed and finished as single seats also enjoy unlimited pleasure of driving in the open air. Lots of fresh wind as well as unrestricted visibility in all directions therefore characterise the unique experience of driving the new BMW M3 Convertible with the roof down.

For the first time ever: an eight-cylinder in a BMW M3 Convertible.

After a great 15 years, the straight-six power unit featured in the two preceding generations of the BMW M3 and lauded several times over as the Engine of the Year has now found a worthy successor: For the first time all model variants of the new BMW M3 come with an eight-cylinder power unit.

The specifications of this all-new high-performance V8 clearly prove the competence of the engine specialists at BMW M GmbH derived directly from motorsport: Displacing 3,999 cc, the new V8 develops a supreme 309 kW/420 hp. Maximum torque of 400 Newton-metres or 295 lb-ft, in turn, comes at an engine speed of 3,900 rpm. And some 85 per cent of this maximum torque is readily available throughout the enormous engine speed range of 6,500 rpm.

Six-speed manual gearbox perfectly matched to the V8 power unit.

The new BMW M3 Convertible comes as standard with a manual six-speed gearbox featuring gear ratios perfectly tailored to the high-speed concept of the eight-cylinder engine. With short gear lever travel like in motorsport and crisp, precise movement of the shift lever, the driver is able at all times to transmit the superior power and thrust of the V8 to the rear wheels with the ideal gear ratio.

Integrated, temperature-controlled oil cooling keeps the temperature of the transmission fluid within the right range even under extreme conditions – for example on the race track. The two-plate clutch optimised for mass inertia, in turn, is carefully matched to the superior power and muscular torque of the eight-cylinder. And the six-speed manual gearbox with all the features so typical of BMW M is likewise able at all times to optimise the superior potential of the new BMW M3 Convertible when accelerating and going for superior performance.

New seven-speed transmission adds performance, even more refinement to BMW M3.

Incomparably smooth, silky gearshifts in the blink of an eye, improved fuel economy and reduced emissions are just some of the benefits of the ground-breaking seven-speed M double-clutch transmission with Drivelogic that has been developed by BMW M GmbH for the new BMW M3 Coupé, Sedan and Convertible.

On top of these benefits, the new M double-clutch transmission with Drivelogic is able to produce lightning-fast gearshifts that result in accelerative abilities exceeding those of the six-speed manual transmission version of the new BMW M3.

As the world’s first seven-speed double-clutch gearbox developed for a high-torque, high-speed powerplant, the new BMW M double-clutch transmission with Drivelogic simultaneously lifts refinement and efficiency to new levels while providing the driver with a wide range of options that adapt the system to the needs of the moment.

The new transmission offers as many as eleven driver-selectable electronically controlled driving program choices.

These include five shift programs in the fully automatic mode and six in manual mode, and are supplemented by a selectable Launch Control program that provides blistering off-the-line acceleration where the power from the 309 kW, 4.0-litre V8 M3 engine is transferred with maximum effect to the road.

The heart of the new BMW transmission is the double clutch system that acts to smooth out gearshifts to the point that they are often only discernible by watching the rise and fall of engine rpm on the M3’s tachometer.

Each oil-cooled wet clutch activates its own set of ratios - one is used for first, third, fifth and seventh gears, as well as reverse, while the other looks after second, fourth and sixth gears.

Torsionally stiff body as the foundation for superior occupant safety.

The extra-strong structure of the body with optimised torsional stiffness and restraint systems tailored to a convertible provides the foundation from the start for a high standard of passive safety and all-round occupant protection in the new BMW M3 Convertible. Especially the restraint systems are particularly flexible, being activated electronically according to current requirements and driving conditions.

The use of high-strength steel for the extra-large load-bearing structures, together with the exactly defined arrangement of deformation zones in the event of a collision, guarantees appropriate diversion and, respectively, absorption of the forces acting on the car. The space available for deformation is used in full in order to avoid damage to the passenger cell or keep any such deformation in the passenger area as small as possible even in a severe collision.

The airbags, belt latch tensioners and belt force limiters are activated by the central safety electronics as a function of the type and severity of a collision. Using sensors in the middle of the car, in the B-pillars and in the doors, the electronic safety "brain" determines which safety components will offer the occupants maximum protection, activating only those restraint systems actually required.

The driver and front passenger are protected by frontal and side airbags activated in two stages in accordance with the severity of a collision.
The head/thorax airbags at the side are integrated in the seat backrests and inflate in a side-on collision over a large area extending from the bottom of the backrest all the way to the top edge of the headrest. This gives the occupants optimum protection on their upper body and head, regardless of their personal seating position.

The side airbags protect both the body and the head of the occupant in the event of a collision from the side, while the risk of leg injury in a head-on collision is reduced on the driver’s side by predetermined deformation of the footrest.

The BMW M3 Convertible also comes with a rollover sensor system permanently monitoring vertical and horizontal movement of the car. At the same time a central computer evaluates data on current driving conditions, so that when the roof is open rollbars positioned behind the headrests are activated and move up immediately whenever the system registers the risk of a rollover. The belt latch tensioners for the front seats and the head/thorax airbags are activated at the same time, and as a further precaution for the event of a rollover the A-pillars and the windscreen frame are even stronger and more stable than usual.

The interior: enjoying freedom and dynamism for four.

The freedom of driving in the open air and the dynamic performance of a BMW M3 – in the new BMW M3 Convertible this is a outstanding experience for up to four occupants. The front seats feature integrated belt systems, while the centre console extending all the way to the back splits the rear seat bench into two separate seats with generous headroom. In comparison with the former model, shoulder room at the rear is up 9 centimetres or 3.5´´, elbow room has been increased by an even more significant 11 c entimetres or 4.3´´.

Access to the rear seats is facilitated by the Easy Access function on the front seats, and the seat release lever is arranged in its ideal ergonomic position at the top on the outside of the backrest.

The new BMW M3 Convertible proves its superior touring qualities also through unusually variable storage capacities and options. Even with the roof open, the luggage compartment still offers capacity of 210 litres or 7.35 cubic feet, enough for a large hard-shell suitcase or up to two golf bags.

The rear compartment in the Convertible may also be used as additional storage space. In this case, after folding down the single-piece rear seat backrest, the driver and front passenger are able to load even bulky objects on the flat surface without the risk of soiling, let alone damaging, the seat upholstery.

A feature quite unique in a convertible of this calibre is the optional opening between the luggage compartment and the passenger area measuring about 40 centimetres or almost 16´´ in width. Clearly, this is ideal for through-loading long objects such as skis, snowboards or golf bags from the luggage compartment into the rear passenger area.

Qualities of this kind make the new BMW M3 Convertible the ideal car for the driver and passenger travelling alone and enjoying superior versatility in every respect. But even when all four seats are occupied, this through-loading facility connecting the luggage and the passenger compartments may be used conveniently thanks to the large opening between the rear seats.

The opening and closing mechanism for the retractable hardtop is activated by a switch in the centre console. A further possibility is to open the hardtop by remote control from the central locking.

Enhanced remote control with comfort access is available as an option, enabling the driver to start the car without even using a key and offering the possibility to close the hardtop from a distance.

To avoid any inadvertent activation of the hardtop, this signal to close the roof is transmitted to the car only up to a distance of four metres or just over13 feet at the very most.

Comfort access also allows particularly convenient loading and unloading of´the luggage compartment with the roof open. In order to improve access to the luggage compartment in such a case, the hardtop, when open, is moved by remote control to an interim position enabling the driver to conveniently take out large objects such as golf bags.

The process of loading the car is also facilitated by the variable panel separating the roof from the luggage compartment. With the hardtop closed, this cover may be swivelled up electrically, enlarging luggage space to a volume of up to 350 litres or 12.25 cubic feet.

The cover panel is activated by a switch in the centre console of the car. Once it has been lowered, the new BMW M3 Convertible can start to convert into an open-air model. The luggage compartment lid, in turn, comes with a Soft-Close function smoothly and gently pulling the lid into position in an automatic process after loading and unloading.

Unique: automatic air conditioning with a special convertible mode.

The new BMW M3 Convertible comes as standard with automatic air conditioning. And in this case the temperature control features an additional so-called convertible mode for use with the roof down. Once the driver has opted for this mode, the flow of air and ventilation depends less on the current temperature inside the car and more on the outside temperature and the actual degree of sunshine.

Not only the air conditioning, but also the supply of fresh air when driving with the roof down may be adjusted to different requirements. This is made possible by the wind deflector offered as standard to reduce air swirl within the interior also at high speeds. The wind deflector fits firmly in position on side supports at the rear, and is then pulled up to provide its full effect.

Since the rotary button for the holding mechanism moves the attachment points on both sides of the wind deflector, one person alone is able to fit the deflector easily and safely into position either on the driver’s or the front passenger’s side. And last but not least, the wind deflector panel covering the rear seats may be tilted up at any time to take up bags, shopping and other utensils whenever required.

The BMW M3 Convertible: supreme performance is the objective, sheer driving pleasure is the result.

The BMW M3 Convertible offers many new opportunities to experience supreme performance and enjoy equally supreme freedom. And in all cases it is the driver’s choice to enjoy particular options and emotions at the wheel. For the BMW M3 Convertible offers power reserves the driver will use in full only very rarely – power reserves of the same unique calibre as in the two other versions of the BMW M3 – but wonderful to have and savour whenever you wish.

A wide range of options in configuring the driving dynamics and driver assistance systems enables the driver also of the open-air BMW M3 to enjoy all his preferences in practice and in every respect. And thanks to its retractable hardtop, the BMW M3 Convertible offers an additional, truly unique option: With the roof closed, this new model provides the unrestricted comfort and style of a genuine coupé. With the roof open, the driver and his passengers enjoy equally unrestricted freedom with an incomparable feeling of the sun and wind around them. So there is no need for compromises, regardless of the roof’s position.

Like its Coupé and Saloon counterparts, the BMW M3 Convertible offers truly unique style and character. It is indeed the unique qualities of the car that give this third model in the M3 range its fascinating, individual aura, while nevertheless retaining the core qualities and features of the BMW M3: Technology derived from motorsport ensures superior performance at all times and, as a result, a unique driving experience on the road. First and foremost, therefore, the Convertible remains a fully-fledged BMW M3 – a high-performance car able to offer the driver a truly supreme and dynamic driving experience day in and day out.

Even though the full power and performance of the BMW M3 can only be used on the race track, the car’s impressive supremacy also in city traffic and on country roads ensures sheer driving pleasure in a particularly fascinating rendition. And even that is not all, for there are countless roads and routes the world over which, while being thoroughly enjoyable in the BMW M3 Convertible with the roof closed, offer an even higher level of enjoyment and satisfaction with the roof open in perfect convertible weather. So whoever demands top performance and knows how to enjoy supreme pleasure in life will be thrilled time and again by the new BMW M3 Convertible.

Source: BMW Group

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