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How to become a racing driver

If you’re passionate about Formula 1, chances are you’ll have toyed with the idea of becoming a racing driver yourself. Many people are happy to just image what it would be like, but others work towards making this dream become a reality. But how exactly do you become a racing driver? We’ve put together a few helpful pieces of advice to get you on the right path.

Many great racing drivers discovered their passion for professional motorsports while on a go-kart track. CNN even refers to the mini-track as “the ultimate breeding ground for any Formula One star of the future”. F1 legends such as Ayrton Senna and Mark Webber are two of the most famous examples. Webber explains: “I suppose it's like learning new languages when you're young. Karting is the best way for you to get a feel of how to race each other, dealing with the competition, dealing with winning, dealing with losing, and you soak up so much at a young age and learn very fast."

You should also learn how to drive on the road. Although F1K Indoor Karting confirms that you do not need a driver’s licence to go go-karting, it’s still a skill every professional racing driver should have. Even though the driving style varies very much from the one on the race track, it’s good to get as much driving experience as possible. A driving test in the UK consists of two parts – a theory and a practical exam – meaning you can gain a good knowledge of the road. If you’re worried about having to take the tests, then you can find some useful information and mock tests for you theory exam on sites such as

Once you’ve gathered all the experience you can get, you should consider applying to a racing school - you can find one at Silverstone. Here you can work towards gaining essential qualifications such as a National B Competition Licence. You’ll need one to enter the world of professional competitive racing. Once you’re hitting the professional racing tracks, you’ll also be able to pick up tons of more skills that you just couldn’t be taught on a go-kart track. While the competition is going to be tough, you won’t find any better racing tuition in the country. So work hard and stay focused. At the end of the day, every racing drivers wants to be the very best.